Not a simulacro

We’ve had more earthquake drills over the few months since I wrote about one. They are scheduled regularly on a nationwide scale three times a year, and all public buildings and many private buildings participate in them. On schooldays, this involves the regular stampede from class and the forming of orderly, supportive circles (by which I mean circles in a standing brace position for physical support, rather than circles of people going “there, there, it’s only pretend”) in the field.

As with fire drills back home, everyone secretly welcomes them as an opportunity to get out of doing some work for ten minutes. More


Shake, rattle and roll

Like firemen, or the boyscouts, or any other hardy, resourceful groups you care to compare, Perú is ensuring its citizens are always prepared. With this in mind the national civil defence institution (Indeci) organised a nationwide earthquake and tsunami drill on 31st May. More

Feathered friends

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