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The final few days of this wonderful, tropical break before the onslaught of an arctic Seoul winter have been in some ways fraught with typical travelling misadventures, but in most ways glorious. From Bohol to Boracay, we were to traverse at least half way across the central Visayas islands by buses and ferries (my choice) rather than taking the hour long flight (Wonderboy’s choice) in order to spend a few days lounging on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.



Holiday in Cambodia

Splendour of the Khmer empire

The great thing about travelling and blogging is that you always have plenty to write about. The terrible thing about blogging and travelling is that you are so busy doing interesting things that it’s difficult to find the time to write about them. Fortunately, the weather forecast currently reads, “hotter than the innermost circle of hell, wetter than an octopus’ garden” so there’s some quality hiding-from-the-sun / rain down time.

The ‘Eyes of the Mekong’ Fishing boats along the river in Vietnam are traditionally decorated with these curious eyes.

I arrived in Cambodia five days ago by boat along the famed Mekong river, making this the fourth country I’ve arrived in by boat, ship or ferry, and the second iconic waterway I’ve taken an extended voyage on to reach a destination (rather than sailing along for excursion purposes) the first one being the Amazon. This was a very different experience.


Up, up, and away

Reed boats in the Uros

Reed boats in the Uros

Cuzco is *&”£ing freezing at this time of year. Puno is !?*$ing freezinger. And the night I spent on the island of Amantaní in Lake Titicaca was possibly the ***%%$!!”ing freezingest night of my life. This has really helped to put the winter in Lima in perspective. As my colleagues shivered and snivelled this week in school, bundled up in coats and scarves, I ran gaily about in my cardigan feeling fine in the 14 – 17° weather. Although even I have to admit that however mild that sounds for the middle of winter, the humidity does make it feel colder, and the neverending cloud cover makes for a gloomy, relentless few months, as described by the Associated Press in this article on Lima’s coldest winter in 30 years. More

Amazing Adventures part 2 – All Aboard!

We really lucked out on the boat journey in a number of ways. First – we arrived as one boat was leaving which meant we were the first to get choice of place on the next boat to go – the boat that in fact we wanted, the Eduardo. This meant we got a cabin. This did not denote any particular luxury. There is nothing that we saw in the whole of the port at Yurimaguas that suggested anything had ever been in the vicinity of luxury, faded splendour, or even delusions of grandeur. There was just boat. Shitloads of hulking rust and metal, a testament to the power of a damn good soldering iron.Cabin 1 on the Eduardo II More

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