Three Things Thursday

This week, three things on my plate.

Three foods

Three foods

Thing 1 is… More


Something Fishy

For some time I’ve been living in a place which really, really, REALLY values it’s contribution to world cuisine. Unfortunately most of the world does not appear to have taken the bait. I’m quite a foodie, from a place where a fair variety of world cuisine is easy to come by, and I’ve never, ever heard of most of any of Peru’s most famous dishes. Maybe I’m just ignorant. Maybe there isn’t a huge Peruvian community in the UK, or maybe aliens fitted a bizarre filter to my ears and cultural perceptors which meant I just never digested any of this information before. Whatever the reason, now is my opportunity to try it out and disseminate this wonderful bounty upon you, my readers.

So here is what I got up to last week. Ceviche, Peruvian style. More

Feathered friends

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