Three Things Thursday

I’m slap bang in the middle of intensive Delta hell, but also slap-bang in the middle of north Thailand heaven. With time being very much money if I don’t complete all my coursework and pass this course, this month I bring you a minimalist three…

…Wats you can visit in Chiang Mai.

I deliberately gave myself a two week grace period before the course started to find my feet in Chiang Mai, my place of abode until the end of the course and the dreaded Module One Exam. It’s a good job that I did, because I haven’t been anywhere other than my house and the school for the last four and a half weeks, and my eyes are turning square from staring at my computer screen.

Happily, I was able to see a few of the sights in that initial period, and here are the main things I saw.

Thing 1 ~ Wat Prathap Doi Suthep

On a prominent shoulder of the mountain that sits to the west of the city (and means I can always tell which direction I’m travelling in if I get lost) sits the Wat with surely the best vantage point a Wat can have. More


Run day Monday: The Ping River

Ping river: 10km

Ping river 10kmMap courtesy of Route 469681.

Landing on my feet in a beautiful rented house courtesy of Airbnb for the duration of my time studying here in picturesque north Thailand, I found myself living next to a river that is just perfect for running along. More

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