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Happy New Year

It’s the lunar New Year and Year of the Monkey. It’s a year since I started blog number 2, a simpler number which is basically for my burgeoning photography habit. It’s almost a year since I reestablished my commitment to writing on this blog (admittedly the last couple of months have been patchy). Now, I’ve decided to go for broke and introduce an item a week. Part of the reason for this is I’ve been through a number of changes of scenery in the past five months and I have a lot of material which I hope will be useful to the online multiverse. Another part is that I think I’ve finally discovered my blogging niche, and it’s been hiding under my nose the whole time.


Blog – lovin’

New Year, new dedication to the blog, and I am very pleased to accept the Liebster award from the fabulous Angie at Outdoor Running Adventures.

Liebster Blog Award

I started following a host of running blogs when I ran my 30k challenge in October, Angie’s is one that I still read regularly to follow her adventures in the snow with her cute dog, Kobi, a mysterious moose and lots of bears. Yes, bears. It is still a life ambition of mine to go to Canada and see a bear; Angie’s blog is my way of vicariously livin-the-dream. The dream with bears in it. And running. What do you mean, you haven’t had that dream? I digress…. More

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Award

They say it’s not quantity, but quality that counts. I surely hope so as I have definitely not been a prolific producer of posts this year. Fortunately, just when I needed a boot in the rear to up productivity somewhat, along came Catriona, who is Crazy, to give me one in the form of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I’ve been following Catriona’s online brand of crazy with added rainbow shit and penis socks for a while now, whenever I need a dose of LOL in my life. I recommend you do, too, although if the blogosphere were HMV, this blog would have a Parental Advisory sticker on it. Just sayin’.


Feathered friends

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