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All the info, all the pictures. Ramblings of a deranged cyclist on the road.

Click on the day to go directly to that post. Each day includes a full journal (personal) and ride report (vaguely technical), plus photos and Lessons… which are more comical than pedagogical.

Geared Up and In the Picture: pre-game, the night before Lift Off.
Day 1: Yeoido to Yeoju, 90km.
Day 2: Yeoju to Suanbo spa town, 91km.
Day 3: Suanbo to Sangju over the Ihwaryang pass, 80km.
Day 4: Sangju to Daegu, 110km, mostly flat.
Day 5: Daegu to Namji, c.100km, very, very hilly!
Days 6 and 7: These two are lumped together as I’d recommend doing them in one day, probably without the detour to the final stamp station.

  • Day 6 – Namji to Yangsan, 70km.
  • Day 7 – Yangsan to Haeundae Beach (40km) via Nakdonggang Estuary Bank (final stamp station) 55km total.

Epilogue: final Lessons From the Road, what I wish I’d known before I started, and a detailed description of all the resources I used and how I used them.

Celebrating with beer and ice-cream

Celebrating with beer and ice-cream

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