Run day Monday: Shatti Al Qurum bike-run-swim

Shatti Al Qurum bike – run – swim: run 6.5km

Shatti Al Qurum bike run swimMap courtesy of Route 522054.

And lo, it came to pass that the Parrot did become totally addicted to running on the beach. Indeed, once she found a house in a quiet neighbourhood a good half hour walk away, she fired up the trusty Bicycle and cycled to beaches just so she could run on them. And then… she realised that nothing cooleth one down so much after a great run in ridiculously high temperatures than jumping in the handy sea fully clad so that the damp clothes would keepeth one cool on the cycle ride home. And thusly… a triathlon dream was born.

Idyllic island

Idyllic island



Run day Monday: beach run Muscat Ministries

In front of and around the Ministries District, Muscat: 5km

Muscat Ministries District run

Map courtesy of Route 512353.

I’m a sucker for a run along a beach so, having moved to a city on the sea, you can expect the next few Run day Monday entries to feature beaches along the Muscat coast as I run-splore around my new home.

Staying in Al Khuwair for the first few weeks, I’ve been just over Sultan Qaboos road from the Ministries and, beyond them, the sea. I haven’t settled in to a new running rhythm yet, which is unfortunate as I’m piling on the pounds, but when I do run, this is the route I follow for a neat 5 – 6 kilometre trot. More

Nemo: found.

The final few days of this wonderful, tropical break before the onslaught of an arctic Seoul winter have been in some ways fraught with typical travelling misadventures, but in most ways glorious. From Bohol to Boracay, we were to traverse at least half way across the central Visayas islands by buses and ferries (my choice) rather than taking the hour long flight (Wonderboy’s choice) in order to spend a few days lounging on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


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