Three Things Thursday (Lost in Laos final chapter)

This month, for your delight, are three…

…great places you should visit if you find yourself in Laos.

Sadly, my decrepit Notebook ate my final Laos blog when I came back from my last trip away, but there were still so many fabulous things I still wanted to share. I’ve tried to squeeze the basics into a roundup and included some of the best shots from the road. It’s been said before, but Laos really is a little slice of heaven here on earth! Enjoy.



Lost in Laos: Phonsavan and Xieng Kuang

Having a few Jars

Having a few Jars

I’ve had a number of travel adventures that have walked the line between life and death. I’ve usually ended up in those situations totally unwittingly; clinging on to the side of Helvellyn by my fingertips due to low visibility and a lost path; walking a two-foot wide path between thousand-foot drops by accident because I didn’t have a working torch, that kind of thing. This week, I walked across not one, but three different sites surrounded by unexploded ordnance (UXO), totally knowingly and of my own volition. More

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