Three Things Thursday

This month for your added-value delight I present…

…three more great museums in Seoul.

After a period on peculiar working hours in my last job, I found myself with three months of Friday afternoons going spare and undertook to visit a different museum every week. My top three museums were wrapped up in a Three Things post that proved enduringly popular, but there were other, equally interesting and beautifully put-together museums, three of which I’m sharing here.

This time, it’s a combination of ancient and modern history which, taken together, furnished me with some invaluable cultural reference points and a much greater appreciation for a number of aspects of the national psyche. It also gave me a lot to talk about with Korean friends and students who appreciated the interest in their history, culture, and language. More


Run day Monday: Sillim-dong and Boramae park

Along the Dorimcheon to Boramae park: 5km

Sillim-dong Boromae run

Map courtesy of Route 501903.

This run is in fact not one of my favourites for the run itself, but for the after-run food. Sundae town (which I’ve described before here) is located in Sillim-dong, in the south of Seoul, and serves a feast of Korean sundae – not for the faint-hearted, but fantastic for runners who enjoy a spicy meat feast!

The run can take two routes: More

Run day Monday: Hangang half-marathon training circuit

Hangang river circuit: 23km

Map courtesy of Route 496229.

All those great intentions after the dizzy heights of my first half marathon last September have come to nought in the intervening five months of intercontinental travel. However, in the absence of any interesting recent routes, it does leave me with a great route to describe for this month’s runventure. More

Three Things Thursday

It’s less than a fortnight until I depart Korea and my wonderful home in Seoul for good, so this month I present for you my Top Three Things…

…to get up to in Korea.

Thing 1 ~ cross country cycling

I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of amazing holidays in the last few years, but my cross-country bikeride from Seoul to Busan in June this year was one of my favourite holidays ever. I finally completed the Seoul to Ara Hangang West Sea Lock just last weekend when, after days of frustrating packing and paperwork preparing for the move, we decided to blow off some steam by jumping on the bikes for the 40km ride west towards Incheon and the beginning / end of the full 4 Rivers trail. It gave a nice sense of closure both to our summer adventure and to the wonderful and incredibly active life we’ve enjoyed for our two years here.

The full, day-by-day account of my June bike-venture has all the gory details, which I won’t go into again here. Suffice to say that everyone I have read about or spoken to who has tackled this momentous journey concurs – it is one of the greatest adventures they’ve ever had, inside or outside of Korea. And I think there are several good reasons why, many of which are reasons I’ll really miss this place when I leave.

Firstly, a reason many Koreans give when describing why they’d never move to another country on a permanent basis: More

Run day Monday: Namsan

Namsan hill run: 7.5km, 250m elevation

Map courtesy of Route 751712.

If you’re visiting Seoul, you’re definitely visiting Namsan at some point, so what better way to see it than at a challenging sprint? More

Run day Monday : World Cup Stadium and Haneul park

World Cup Stadium, Hangang park, Sky park 10km

World Cup Stadium to Haneul park

World Cup Stadium to Haneul park

Map courtesy of Route 443554

This was the first route I did when I joined the running group here in Seoul and it has been a favourite ever since. It offers numerous routes and levels of difficulty for every type of runner and, as I’ve been here a number of times now, I’ve tried several. It’s also quite a complicated route with a number of twists and turns, but if you get it right there’s a great view at the top and a lot of lovely scenery on the way.

Three Things Thursday

For your reading and viewing pleasure, here are three …

…museums that are worth a visit in Seoul.

Thing 1 ~ War Memorial of Korea

I’m not a fan of war. Aside from Hannibal and his elephants, great feats of military prowess are lost on me. Weapons, tanks and guns just make me sadder the older I get and the more I see them used around the world, so I wasn’t going to bother visiting the War Memorial of Korea. However, then I remembered that I had been similarly dubious about the Imperial War Museum North before I visited, and that in fact, museums with war featuring conspicuously in their titles are often more of an educational experience to highlight why we should All Just Stop Fighting.

War Memorial of Korea

War Memorial of Korea


Busan or Bust: Day 1 ~ the full story

In which I wait out a storm, learn an early lesson and race against the weather to reach destination 1.

Day 1 ~ 여의도, 서을 to 여주 (Yeouido, Seoul to Yeoju) 95km

4Rivers guide here.

Day 1 (courtesy 4Rivers)

Day 1 (courtesy 4Rivers)

The story so far

Day 1 - Stamp 1 at Yeoido

Day 1 – Stamp 1 at Yeouido

The unpromising dawn to the day preceded a glorious morning in which the storm had blown away all vestiges of the clinging humidity which had been building up for a couple of days. We set out only a half hour later than planned and had crossed the Han river to reach the Yeouido certification centre for our first official trail stamp of the journey shortly after 9am.

The first lesson of the journey came early as I pushed my fully-laden bike up the cycle ramp to cross Seogang bridge and almost lost my baggage off the end of it. My cheap-as-chips seatpost bike rack, although claiming to be able to support up to 25kg, was not designed for a bulging 10kg of enormous SPAO backpack. I improvised with my tiny Daiso bungees and the dangling backpack straps, and things seemed much more secure. More

Run day Monday: Hangang park

I’ve decided to add a new feature once a month. Long term readers will know I have a love of running, and I’ve discovered a number of great routes in and around Seoul as part of my running group, as well as while running on my own. The first one I want to share is my regular route, as it has inspired my love for this great city.

Sogang bridge to World Cup park 10km / 14km

Sogang bridge to World Cup park

Sogang bridge to World Cup park

(Map courtesy of

This route is an easy, flat run, ideal for any level of runner as you can do as much or as little as you choose. When I arrived in Korea, after a few weeks of not running regularly during my transcontinental shift, I started out doing the first 2.5km out to Hapjeong bridge and back. Today I ran this 14km route for the first time! Usually I run either 5 or 10km, depending on how knackered I am and how much time I have. More

Three Things Thursday

Its the first Thursday of the month, so it’s time for three things…

…that light up, play music, and get you wet.


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