Run day Monday: Worldwide WordPress 5k (wwwp5k)

The start of the WordPress community’s Worldwide 5km community blog n’ run coincided precisely with this month’s runday Monday, so rather than a new route, I did an old route at a new time of day and hit the road early.

MSQ 6kmMap courtesy of Route 539820.

Well – early-ish. I intended to set out by 8am but eventually got out there at 9.30am. The temperature already read 31°c and humidity was at around 75%.It was pretty hot, but nowhere near as bad as the height of summer. More


Mission: possible

Happy New Year

It’s the lunar New Year and Year of the Monkey. It’s a year since I started blog number 2, a simpler number which is basically for my burgeoning photography habit. It’s almost a year since I reestablished my commitment to writing on this blog (admittedly the last couple of months have been patchy). Now, I’ve decided to go for broke and introduce an item a week. Part of the reason for this is I’ve been through a number of changes of scenery in the past five months and I have a lot of material which I hope will be useful to the online multiverse. Another part is that I think I’ve finally discovered my blogging niche, and it’s been hiding under my nose the whole time.

Spreading the community feeling

After a busier year, some concerted blogging effort, and the resulting burgeoning in new reading material and interesting blogs to peruse, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award by Holly of Adventures with Holly. I’ve followed with interest her adventures in Korea and around east Asia for the last few months. I also regularly enjoy her Taste of Korea Tuesday posts about food; a favourite topic of mine!

Liebster award


Blog – lovin’

New Year, new dedication to the blog, and I am very pleased to accept the Liebster award from the fabulous Angie at Outdoor Running Adventures.

Liebster Blog Award

I started following a host of running blogs when I ran my 30k challenge in October, Angie’s is one that I still read regularly to follow her adventures in the snow with her cute dog, Kobi, a mysterious moose and lots of bears. Yes, bears. It is still a life ambition of mine to go to Canada and see a bear; Angie’s blog is my way of vicariously livin-the-dream. The dream with bears in it. And running. What do you mean, you haven’t had that dream? I digress…. More

30km Challenge COMPLETED!

I have just arrived home from my final 5km of the week at one of my best ever times. It’s a misty Miraflores spring afternoon just perfect for running flat out and, as canny readers may have noticed, I did take my one day break yesterday, rather than running six days on the trot. I think that that and a bit of a diet-break midweek contributed to my time of 25 minutes and 47 seconds; a pace of 5.09 per km – about 10 seconds slower than my fastest ever pace.  More

30km Challenge – 25.4km

Like Clint Eastwood struggling through the desert; like Nick Berry’s music career after Eastenders, I’ve nearly made it. I’ve now officially run further than in any individual week before, or at least in recent memory, and boy, do I know it. More

30km Challenge – 20km

Two days to go and things are still on track. Nobody is more surprised than me! On a shorter route today the wear and tear has really begun to show. I ran just over 4km, unfortunately through evening traffic as the daytime hours were pleasantly spent at the MALI, a great museum I hadn’t yet visited, and gift shopping for the trip home next week. More

30km Challenge – 15.9km

Day three and things are still on course with the running. I’ve now run pretty much my weekly average and I still have four days to go, hurrah! I’m keeping up with a daily blog, too, although today’s post is little more than a check-in. More

30km Challenge – 10.6km

Kilometre 0 - The day starts here

Kilometre 0 – The run starts here

The Challenge has started well, hurrah for willpower. Running, blogging, and drinking water all proceed as planned. Today I ran at a leisurely pace with a camera in my hand and the sun in my heart, and on the streets. Spring is definitely here.

Today I repeated yesterday’s 5.29km route, running a little later in the afternoon as the sun took a while to break through the Lima fog. Regular photo breaks (at each kilometre) and my customary exercise stops kept things fresh all the way around the circuit, so despite taking it easy I clocked in at 29 minutes and 18 seconds, only a little slower than yesterday’s PB, passing the 5k mark at 27:40.

And here is the route….

Kilometre 1

Kilometre 1


The 30km Challenge

You can tell I have too much time on my hands. I have decided to set myself a gruelling challenge just to give myself something to do for the week. Or is it that there is so much that will imminently require doing, but which can’t be done at the moment, that I need something that will knacker me out and take my mind off the looming Stuff? I don’t know. All I know is that this week I’ve set myself a 30km jogging challenge and an equally challenging mandate to blog about it daily. If you hate reading about running, this is your opportunity to tune out for a week until I’m writing about paperwork, visas, and travelling again. I saw that yawn, you at the back! More

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