Oman green update

It’s been six months! I can hardly believe it, but it’s a year since I left Korea, six months since I arrived in my latest home, and about two months since the heat began to ease off enough to allow for exploration. And the first thing I needed to explore, quite desperately, was a recycling centre.

Yes, since my last post about keeping carbon-footprint conscious in Oman, progress has been slow, but significant. Happily, this is not only true for me personally but also in wider society, where energy conservation is being nurtured. As the oil price slump continues and Oman seeks to diversify, belts are being tightened, expats are flooding home, and the answer to a number of problems is decidedly Green. More


How to travel through the Balkans by bus


Let’s go!

Last month I wrote a dedicated guide to Albania on the same topic, because bus travel in Albania deserves a post all of its own. This month is a quick guide to the rest of my bus route through the Balkans. More

How to navigate the bus system in Albania

Or: an Ode to global Bus Travel

Chatting with some fellow travellers in the middle of my recent Istanbul to Zagreb ruins-and-beaches hop, I discovered how odd my choice of vehicle seemed to many others undertaking a similar trip. The idea of European train travel popularised by films such as Before Sunrise and enjoyed by countless students every summer revolved around railways and the (nowadays) phenomenally expensive Interrail ticket – or the even more expensive Eurail pass for non-European citizens.

The two women I was speaking to had hired a car for their journey. This is another popular choice, although if you’re travelling in a line rather than making a circuit fees for different pick-up and drop-off points kick in, and once you start to country-hop these can ramp up quite fast.

Nope, you can save your trains and cars. For me, the most economical and frankly most interesting way to travel a long distance relatively quickly is the humble public bus.

“But I can’t do that. I’m travelling through ten countries, none of which speak a language I’m familiar with!” I hear you cry.

Fear not, linguistically baffled traveller, for here follows my common sense guide on how to navigate any bus system, anywhere, but with particular reference to Albania.

Berat museum city

Berat ‘museum city’


How to travel through Central Vietnam by bus

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to end up with a spare six weeks on my hands in Vietnam on a single-entry visa, so what better to do than explore the country and travel slow?


Let’s do the time warp

Photo in the Seoul Museum of History

Original and best!

I spent last weekend catching up with a friend in Lima who delivered the shocking news that the ramshackle fleet of venerable combis that furnished the soundtrack to my life in Miraflores is no more. More

Nemo: found.

The final few days of this wonderful, tropical break before the onslaught of an arctic Seoul winter have been in some ways fraught with typical travelling misadventures, but in most ways glorious. From Bohol to Boracay, we were to traverse at least half way across the central Visayas islands by buses and ferries (my choice) rather than taking the hour long flight (Wonderboy’s choice) in order to spend a few days lounging on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


I like to ride my bicycle

The spring is sprung, or at least a bit more springy than previously. In fact, the arctic blasts have reappeared this week, but we were doing well until Tuesday. At any rate, the Siberian winds have eased off enough to allow me back on the bike. The bike I’ve been looking forward to for three years. The bike I purchased with my settling in allowance about two weeks after I arrived in Korea. The fanciest-looking and best of all the bikes I’ve ever owned. Not including the one I borrowed from a friend (for a year – a very good friend) which inspired this purchase because her bike was so great.

Introducing…. Madame Maxime




Photo Friday

Here is one of my holiday snaps currently appearing on the Emily Luxton Travel Blog. One of my favourite travel bloggers, Photo Friday is a regular feature that I am pleased to be part of. Click her link at the top to check out her recent adventures in beautiful Barcelona, great reviews of London’s hidden gems, and regular Postcard From… features from guest travellers.

oh – and don’t forget to vote for the Emily Luxton Travel Blog in the Avis A-List Blog Awards!

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