Run day Monday: Sumida river

Asakusa toward Odaiba along the Sumida: 12.5 km

Sumida River

Sumida River route

Map courtesy of Route 477543.

The dogs and the studying have halved my average weekly running mileage and put paid to my Angkor dream. I’ve had little opportunity to explore beyond the regular river route I shared last month, so I’ve reached back one month further to share another great riverside run; the Sumida river route in Tokyo.



Seven days in Tokyo

What to do when you finish one of the best paid gigs in the stressful world of English teaching in one of the furthest corners of the globe from your home in order to move to a much lower paying area of the world?

The answer is of course go on a holiday you’re not going to be able to afford again in the foreseeable future! Thus I found myself in mid-September enjoying the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, the most populous city in the world. And the view was peachy.

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