Busan or Bust: Day 2 ~ It Is Closed on Mondays.

In which disaster strikes twice but doesn’t hinder distance.

Day 2 ~ 여주시 to 수안보 map (Yeoju to Suanbo) 91km

4Rivers guide here. Scroll to the bottom right of the page to download a PDF copy of the map. Korean only, I’m afraid, but y’know – maps is maps.

Map (c) 2009-2014 by Map Pedometer. 4Rivers guide (c) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Day 2 (courtesy 4Rivers)

Day 2 (courtesy 4Rivers)

The story so far

I slept the sleep of the dead after my first day’s riding and awoke totally disoriented on finding myself in a hotel room. Having read on Couch on Wheels’ account of the trip that the tomb of the Number 1 Korean historical figure King Sejong the Great is located here, I felt I must visit it. Wonderboy felt no such compunction, so I agreed to get up early and go before we hit the road.

It Is Closed on Mondays

It Is Closed on Mondays

I’d obviously assumed that this would be a public memorial site that I could wander up to. In fact it’s a protected UNESCO World Heritage site, fully ticketed, walled and gated. Such a site was obviously not open at 7am, and as with attractions the world over, it is not open at all on Mondays. More


Busan or Bust: Day 1 ~ the full story

In which I wait out a storm, learn an early lesson and race against the weather to reach destination 1.

Day 1 ~ 여의도, 서을 to 여주 (Yeouido, Seoul to Yeoju) 95km

4Rivers guide here. http://www.riverguide.go.kr/eng/page.do?menuIdx=632

Day 1 (courtesy 4Rivers)

Day 1 (courtesy 4Rivers)

The story so far

Day 1 - Stamp 1 at Yeoido

Day 1 – Stamp 1 at Yeouido

The unpromising dawn to the day preceded a glorious morning in which the storm had blown away all vestiges of the clinging humidity which had been building up for a couple of days. We set out only a half hour later than planned and had crossed the Han river to reach the Yeouido certification centre for our first official trail stamp of the journey shortly after 9am.

The first lesson of the journey came early as I pushed my fully-laden bike up the cycle ramp to cross Seogang bridge and almost lost my baggage off the end of it. My cheap-as-chips seatpost bike rack, although claiming to be able to support up to 25kg, was not designed for a bulging 10kg of enormous SPAO backpack. I improvised with my tiny Daiso bungees and the dangling backpack straps, and things seemed much more secure. More

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