Photo Friday

Here is one of my holiday snaps currently appearing on the Emily Luxton Travel Blog. One of my favourite travel bloggers, Photo Friday is a regular feature that I am pleased to be part of. Click her link at the top to check out her recent adventures in beautiful Barcelona, great reviews of London’s hidden gems, and regular Postcard From… features from guest travellers.

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Amazing Adventures part 2 – All Aboard!

We really lucked out on the boat journey in a number of ways. First – we arrived as one boat was leaving which meant we were the first to get choice of place on the next boat to go – the boat that in fact we wanted, the Eduardo. This meant we got a cabin. This did not denote any particular luxury. There is nothing that we saw in the whole of the port at Yurimaguas that suggested anything had ever been in the vicinity of luxury, faded splendour, or even delusions of grandeur. There was just boat. Shitloads of hulking rust and metal, a testament to the power of a damn good soldering iron.Cabin 1 on the Eduardo II More

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