Run day Monday: Sillim-dong and Boramae park

Along the Dorimcheon to Boramae park: 5km

Sillim-dong Boromae run

Map courtesy of Route 501903.

This run is in fact not one of my favourites for the run itself, but for the after-run food. Sundae town (which I’ve described before here) is located in Sillim-dong, in the south of Seoul, and serves a feast of Korean sundae – not for the faint-hearted, but fantastic for runners who enjoy a spicy meat feast!

The run can take two routes: More


Three Things Thursday

…In this month’s goody bag are three delicious food ‘towns’ in Seoul (vegetarians, look away now)

One of my favourite things about the world beyond the tiny confines of my proud, island nation is the habit of grouping retail areas into zones. It turns out that what initially seemed to me to be a thoroughly counter-intuitive system of throwing up a whole row of shops selling the same thing at pretty much the same price is in fact a world-wide phenomenon that apparently works for all countries other than my own and my nearby European neighbours.

On my first major trip abroad in the late ’90s, I was hugely impressed by the famous ‘Jeans street’ in Bandung, Indonesia. I thought it was a genius one-off idea, and it was a tourist attraction in a town that had little else, from what I could see at the time. Fast forward to my much more recent exploration of Latin America and, lo and behold, here’s the haberdashery zone in central Bogotá. There’s the cheap glasses zone in downtown Lima.

Seoul has taken this phenomenon one step further and has a number of small areas dedicated to a particular dish. From narrow streets where you can indulge your taste for spicy rice cake, to an inconspicious building hosting an array of blood sausage, here are three of my favourites.

Thing 1 ~ Sundae Town, Sillim-dong (순대타은)

For readers not familiar with Korean cuisine, I should clarify from the start that this is not somewhere to go for the delicious, ice-cream dessert of the same name. In fact, when someone first explained sundae to me (순대 in Hangeul), I had a reaction similar to a child first hearing about sex. Or haggis. “They put some what in the where?” More

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