Three Things Thursday

This month for your added-value delight I present…

…three more great museums in Seoul.

After a period on peculiar working hours in my last job, I found myself with three months of Friday afternoons going spare and undertook to visit a different museum every week. My top three museums were wrapped up in a Three Things post that proved enduringly popular, but there were other, equally interesting and beautifully put-together museums, three of which I’m sharing here.

This time, it’s a combination of ancient and modern history which, taken together, furnished me with some invaluable cultural reference points and a much greater appreciation for a number of aspects of the national psyche. It also gave me a lot to talk about with Korean friends and students who appreciated the interest in their history, culture, and language. More


Three Things Thursday

For your reading and viewing pleasure, here are three …

…museums that are worth a visit in Seoul.

Thing 1 ~ War Memorial of Korea

I’m not a fan of war. Aside from Hannibal and his elephants, great feats of military prowess are lost on me. Weapons, tanks and guns just make me sadder the older I get and the more I see them used around the world, so I wasn’t going to bother visiting the War Memorial of Korea. However, then I remembered that I had been similarly dubious about the Imperial War Museum North before I visited, and that in fact, museums with war featuring conspicuously in their titles are often more of an educational experience to highlight why we should All Just Stop Fighting.

War Memorial of Korea

War Memorial of Korea



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On holiday in the winter of 2013 we took a swoop by the floating Uros islands, near Puno on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, and a day at the excellent Museo Larco in Pueblo Libre, Lima. Not only does the museum display a collection of ceramics from an impressive array of pre-Colombian Peruvian cultures, but they keep their non-display collection open to the public as well. If only more museums would follow suit.

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Pots

Let’s do the time warp

Photo in the Seoul Museum of History

Original and best!

I spent last weekend catching up with a friend in Lima who delivered the shocking news that the ramshackle fleet of venerable combis that furnished the soundtrack to my life in Miraflores is no more. More

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