Three Things Thursday; common sights in Vietnam

It’s almost a month since I moved to Vietnam with the intention of finding work and settling in, so this month I present for you Three Things…

… which are peculiar but very common sights on the streets of Vietnam.

With impeccable timing, I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC – formerly Saigon) the week before the lunar new year, known here as Tết, at which time all things close down and everyone clears out of the city to visit family. The up side of this was that rather than find an apartment and a job straight away, I was able to (or ‘I had no option but to’) chill out and enjoy the happy party vibe.


Three Things Thursday; Beasts of England

I happily managed to spend a whole six weeks in my native land to begin the year, so to follow on from last month’s Things, here are three…

…birds and beasts you will spot on your travels in the UK.

Thing 1 ~ Fowl beasts

“Ohhh, cute ducks. Let’s feed them some bread.”

Two minutes later…

“Oh look, swans! Throw the bread that way!”

One minute later…

“The geese are coming, too. Wow, what a lot of ducks.”

Thirty seconds later…

“It’s got a glint in its eye… it definitely wants more bread. Give it the bread, give it more bread, GIVE IT THE WHOLE LOAF, NOW, aaaaaAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” More

Feathered friends

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