Three Things Thursday; three shades, none of which are grey

One thing travel involves a lot of is colour; whether it’s colourful individuals (we’ve all encountered ‘colourful characters’ in a hostel), colourful language (as in “f*@! this sh?#, why the hell don’t the buses work here?!?!?” or a number of other travel frustrations which can build up on a long journey), or in this case, colourful architecture and some creative protests.

This month I’m sharing some recent and not so recent colourful places from north Thailand and the Macedonian capital, Skopje.



Run day Monday: Pai Canyon

From Pai to Pai Canyon: 7.3km (one way)

Pai Canyon 7.3km

Pai Canyon 7.3km

Pai to Pai Canyon, 7.3km (map courtesy of Google maps)

To finish the year with a real run-venture, here is the first leg of what I had envisioned as a glorious jogging daytrip around the hillside hippie idyll of Pai.

Pai Buddha

Pai Buddha

People do not brave the notorious ‘762 curves’ of the journey from Chiang Mai to Pai for the action and adventure. There is some to be had; ziplining and rafting are advertised, and exploring the cave system under the mountains is a popular daytrip, but mostly Pai seems to be one of those holiday-from-your-holiday type places. A place to relax, enjoy the scenery and the vibe, and eat organic food. Having spent so much time recently cooped up and not enjoying scenery or getting enough exercise, the perfect way to enjoy the natural bounty of Pai seemed to me to be on foot and running. More

Three Things Thursday

I’m slap bang in the middle of intensive Delta hell, but also slap-bang in the middle of north Thailand heaven. With time being very much money if I don’t complete all my coursework and pass this course, this month I bring you a minimalist three…

…Wats you can visit in Chiang Mai.

I deliberately gave myself a two week grace period before the course started to find my feet in Chiang Mai, my place of abode until the end of the course and the dreaded Module One Exam. It’s a good job that I did, because I haven’t been anywhere other than my house and the school for the last four and a half weeks, and my eyes are turning square from staring at my computer screen.

Happily, I was able to see a few of the sights in that initial period, and here are the main things I saw.

Thing 1 ~ Wat Prathap Doi Suthep

On a prominent shoulder of the mountain that sits to the west of the city (and means I can always tell which direction I’m travelling in if I get lost) sits the Wat with surely the best vantage point a Wat can have. More

Run day Monday: The Ping River

Ping river: 10km

Ping river 10kmMap courtesy of Route 469681.

Landing on my feet in a beautiful rented house courtesy of Airbnb for the duration of my time studying here in picturesque north Thailand, I found myself living next to a river that is just perfect for running along. More

Three Things Thursday

Ripe from uprooting and heading south to tropical Thailand here are three things…

Thai cornucopia

Thai cornucopia

… I’ve never had on my plate before!

As a small woman with a big appetite, one of the most exciting things about any new country is finding food I’ve never seen or heard of before. One of the first Three Things posts I wrote when I landed in Korea was about three new and unusual foods I’d found. Despite having travelled a bit around parts of south east Asia in the couple of years since then, I’ve still managed to find fruit and veg this week in Thailand that I’ve never seen / heard of / tasted / all of the above before.

Thing 1 ~ Longkong fruit

Lurking in the plastic bag on the right, looking like a pile of new potatoes… that’s them. These inconspicuous looking spud-like fellas only drew my attention in the market by virtue of their abundance. Then I noticed that not only were there piles of them, everywhere, but they were also one of the cheapest things available. They didn’t look particularly appealing, but at such a cheap price I had to investigate. More

Feathered friends

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