Busan or Bust: Days 6 and 7 ~ setbacks, surprises and the End of the Road

In which my body is falling apart, the bikes are falling apart, but we finally make it to Busan and THE BEACH

Day 6 ~ 남지 to 양산 (Namji to Yangsan) 70km

Day 7 ~ 양산 to 해운대, 부산 (Yangsan to Haeundae beach, Busan) 40km

You can also navigate from Yangsan to Busan Seomyeon station using Jan Boonstra‘s live Google Map.

The end of the trail

The end of the trail

The story so far
Day 6 started in high spirits with a lie-in until 8am and fine weather. We trotted merrily down to pack up the bikes in the parking garage below our motel and disaster struck. Wonderboy’s valve blew, and I discovered that, despite meticulous bike parts planning, I had neglected to pack, or even acquire, a spanner.


Busan or Bust: Day 5 ~ ‘will I make it out of this alive’ day

In which I discover trick hills and trick trail signs and am aided by a longed-for tailwind

Day 5 ~ 대구 to 남지 (Daegu to Namji) around 100km

4Rivers guide here.

The story so far

It was great to be back on the road after our day off in Daegu. Prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best, I strapped on newly purchased ankle supports, lowered the bike seat a little further, and hit the road.



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