Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Award

They say it’s not quantity, but quality that counts. I surely hope so as I have definitely not been a prolific producer of posts this year. Fortunately, just when I needed a boot in the rear to up productivity somewhat, along came Catriona, who is Crazy, to give me one in the form of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I’ve been following Catriona’s online brand of crazy with added rainbow shit and penis socks for a while now, whenever I need a dose of LOL in my life. I recommend you do, too, although if the blogosphere were HMV, this blog would have a Parental Advisory sticker on it. Just sayin’.



“My grandma did it”

The last 3 months, while very busy, stressful and infuriating, have provided a wealth of eye-opening experiences. It’s been back to school in a big way.

Having had little to do with the school system in the last 18 years, other than swanning in now and again on a TIE contract (Theatre In Education – think Legs Akimbo from League of Gentlemen) to make disenfranchised schoolchildren engage their minds through the medium of drama, I knew I was woefully unprepared for the role the moment I accepted.

Term 1 saw me planning lessons the night before class, or sometimes the hour before class, as I was recruited at the very last minute and was still working in my other jobs until the day before the first day of term. It also saw me throw several hissy fits about Things Staff Members Should Probably Be Told More Than Two Days In Advance. Like when reports are due. More

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