The Undiscovered Country

It is a time of change and confusions, and so I chose a title to indicate both. The first confusion lies in the providence of the quote, which I’m sure some of you will have mistakenly identified as Shakespeare, W. from his work Hamlet. However, I am in fact quoting Roddenberry, G. and his creation Star Trek. The second confusion is that I am not, in fact, about to discuss either the post-life human condition commonly known as death, or a country that hasn’t been discovered, but South Korea. The third confusion, for those of you so presumptuous to have thought ahead, is the expected continuation of the metaphor… “from whose bourn no traveller returns….” No one can speak for certain of the future, and at this point there are still big question marks over whether I’ll make it to Korea or not, but if I do, I have every intention of returning in a very much alive condition.

There, I’m glad we got all that settled. More


In – genie – ous

The one big highlight of my y-ear. The one time, no matter how far it may be from the glory days, that I get to put on a character and give my diction a run-out. The one time I get to dress up funny, learn some lines and avoid the furniture for the season of good ch-ear, and it is all brought down by an ear-ily last minute unfortunateness. I felt qu-ear for some time, but finally succumbed last week to a nasty cold, which app-eared to spread sideways through the sinuses until my greatest f-ear was realised. More

Feathered friends

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