Busan or Bust: Day 4 ~ ‘break’ day

In which I am plagued by a day-long headwind, dodgy ankles and knees and ridiculous humidity

Day 4 ~ Sang-ju to Daegu (outskirts) 110km

4Rivers Nakdong river trail guide here.

The story so far

I awoke and showered and quickly realised that the general pinkness of yesterday was not, as I had feared, sunburn, but a heat rash which, at this point at the end of the day, has not only worsened but spread from my pink and splotchy burning arms to my splotchy-and-starting-to-itch-ferociously legs. This was the first of numerous irritations which were to make Day 4 the Break day after the highs of yesterday.

Nevertheless, the morning got off to another upbeat start. It had rained more overnight and the air was fresh and cool, the ground drying. I was on the road again by 8:15. Thankfully, I hadn’t lost much ground through the big detour into the city as I was able to take a different route out to a point further along the trail. Being a geek, I insisted on backtracking 3km to Sangju weir to collect the next Stamp in my homemade bike passport, but Wonderboy gamely went along with it, and we were still making good time and feeling great.


Lush landscapes



Busan or Bust: Day 3 ~ ‘make’ day

In which I conquer Ihwaryang pass and escape a rainstorm in the nick of time

Day 3 ~ 수안보 to 상주시 (Suanbo to Sangju) 80km

4Rivers guide here.

Day 3

Day 3

The story so far

I started today’s ride with a photo before we set off from the lacklustre Motel Gloria in Suanbo, convinced from other blogs I’d read that today, hill climb day, could be the ‘break’ day for my legs and my suffering bike. Instead, it has definitely been the ‘make’ day, in which I have discovered that I was, in fact, born to bike, and should immediately quit any other line of work and spend the rest of my life on epic cycle trails around the globe.

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