The Links

More details on the information contained in each link and the best ways I found to use them are in the epilogue entry. Here they are gathered together for ease of use.

Official sites  4Rivers English website  4Rivers Korean website – still useful if you read a little Hangeul, see epilogue for guidelines  Lots of info in English about each route and certification.  4Rivers English WordPress site – a bit more practical

Officially unofficial cycling guru: Jan Boonstra  A more direct alternative route which a number of other cyclists have taken. Lots more detail in the epilogue.

The Bloggers Who Went Before…

Couch on Wheels

Travelling Hajo  includes great practical advice on apps, maps, where to stay and how to survive as a foreigner in the depths of the peninsula.

Tangled Up in Blue

Gareth’s Worldwide Blog

Kimchi and Cornbread

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