How to watch the Eurovision song contest

It’s the Most… Won-der-ful tiiime… of the year…

No, not Christmas. It’s Eurovision time!

Every May, as the mercury rises and the frozen north of Europe remembers that winter only lasts for eight months of the year, the sequinned frocks are dusted off, the key changes are geared up and the pyrotechnics get ready to blow.

Eurovision has a long history of derision and being side-lined as a niche interest in the UK, while several of our European neighbours have thrown themselves into this celebration of continental unity with gay abandon – in every sense.

In the last two years, with Australia being invited to join for last year’s ‘Building bridges’ theme, and with the contest being broadcast in the US for the first time this year,  Eurovision is finally taking its well-deserved space on the global sparklewonder podium.

If you’re watching, and especially if it’s your first time, here’s How To Watch the Eurovision Song Contest.



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