Three Things Thursday; UAE top three

Happy 2017 readers! And with a short crimbo holiday under my belt to aid in the recovery from finally completing my studies (huzzah), I brought in the new year with three…

…fun things to do on a trip to the United Arab Emirates. More


Three Things Thursday; Nguyen tombs of Hue

I’m reading northern blogs hinting at the signs of the end of the summer and the first signs of autumn with hopeful anticipation. Temperatures have teasingly dropped a little here at the south east corner of the Arabian peninsula, but the ferocious summer shows few signs of letting up just yet. So while I wait for a glorious winter to roll on in and allow me to showcase the best of Oman, I’m reaching back to the archives again for this month’s Three Things in order to share Three Nguyen Tombs…

…you can reach under your own steam in Hue, Vietnam. More

Three Things Thursday

This month for your added-value delight I present…

…three more great museums in Seoul.

After a period on peculiar working hours in my last job, I found myself with three months of Friday afternoons going spare and undertook to visit a different museum every week. My top three museums were wrapped up in a Three Things post that proved enduringly popular, but there were other, equally interesting and beautifully put-together museums, three of which I’m sharing here.

This time, it’s a combination of ancient and modern history which, taken together, furnished me with some invaluable cultural reference points and a much greater appreciation for a number of aspects of the national psyche. It also gave me a lot to talk about with Korean friends and students who appreciated the interest in their history, culture, and language. More

Three Things Thursday; three shades, none of which are grey

One thing travel involves a lot of is colour; whether it’s colourful individuals (we’ve all encountered ‘colourful characters’ in a hostel), colourful language (as in “f*@! this sh?#, why the hell don’t the buses work here?!?!?” or a number of other travel frustrations which can build up on a long journey), or in this case, colourful architecture and some creative protests.

This month I’m sharing some recent and not so recent colourful places from north Thailand and the Macedonian capital, Skopje.


Three Things Thursday; Food in Oman

I’ve landed in a totally new destination which has confounded all my expectations in wonderful ways. As always, my best settling-in technique is to dive in mouth-first, so this month here are three more…

Dried food

Dried dates, dried bread, dried fish, dried milk balls, dry black lemon powder

…unusual nutritional items.

Amazing Iranian restaurant

Amazing Iranian restaurant

One thing I’m really enjoying about living in Muscat is what a multicultural city it is. This has its perks and downfalls, but compared to the places I’ve lived in the last five years, there’s greater level of diversity, and this is most easily appreciable in the food on offer. The slowly returning Omani diaspora from Baluchistan and Zanzibar bring fusion Arabian / South Asian and Arabian / African dishes. There’s also a wealth of Iranian food from our neighbours across the Strait of Hormuz, famous for their sweets. My nearest cheap meal out is an eye-popping Iranian restaurant which I mistook for a light fittings shop at first glance. And I’m in my personal food heaven as the huge Indian expat community dominates food outlets and supermarket options.

Three Things Thursday; places to see in Da Lat

I recently got to spend an unexpected bonus six weeks travelling around Vietnam – o happy days – so this month I share with you three lovely places…

Da Lat market

Da Lat market

…you can visit in Da Lat, southern Vietnam.

The name Da Lat may ring unhappy bells for news followers. Several days after I was there in February the town hit international headlines for all the wrong reasons when a group of adventure-seekers encountered tragedy at a waterfall. This mountain idyll is a feature on the backpacker circuit of Vietnam because of its adventure sports opportunities, which include waterfall treks, zip lining and biking. Its mountain climate also makes it an attractive getaway for those based in HCMC, following in a long tradition set by the colonial French, who built their summer house getaways there.

Ensconced in the hilly Lam Dong province at 1500 metres, Da Lat is an 8 hour bus ride or one hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City. I picked up a $20 flight with JetStar, having read scare stories online about the bus journey. I later discovered that the people writing the scare stories were probably just unlucky as the bus journey is fine. Not being much of a one for adventure sports, I stuck to pootling around by rented pushbike, and found the town had plenty of more sedate sights to offer.

Thing 1 ~ the Crazy House More

Three Things Thursday; common sights in Vietnam

It’s almost a month since I moved to Vietnam with the intention of finding work and settling in, so this month I present for you Three Things…

… which are peculiar but very common sights on the streets of Vietnam.

With impeccable timing, I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC – formerly Saigon) the week before the lunar new year, known here as Tết, at which time all things close down and everyone clears out of the city to visit family. The up side of this was that rather than find an apartment and a job straight away, I was able to (or ‘I had no option but to’) chill out and enjoy the happy party vibe.

Three Things Thursday; Beasts of England

I happily managed to spend a whole six weeks in my native land to begin the year, so to follow on from last month’s Things, here are three…

…birds and beasts you will spot on your travels in the UK.

Thing 1 ~ Fowl beasts

“Ohhh, cute ducks. Let’s feed them some bread.”

Two minutes later…

“Oh look, swans! Throw the bread that way!”

One minute later…

“The geese are coming, too. Wow, what a lot of ducks.”

Thirty seconds later…

“It’s got a glint in its eye… it definitely wants more bread. Give it the bread, give it more bread, GIVE IT THE WHOLE LOAF, NOW, aaaaaAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” More

Three Things Thursday; Aged Things

For the first Three Things of the year I’m in my own back yard, for once. So I would like to present for your delection Three Historic…

…cities worth a visit in the UK.

For the first time I’m on a visit home outside of the constricts of work holidays, being currently ‘between jobs.’ This has resulted in a pleasantly extended visit and the opportunity to make a number of day trips. We’ve even fished out the passports and braved the heavily fortified borders of Wales and Scotland for extended adventures.

No, not really. We left the passports at home and snuck over like all the other illegal migrants from England in search of a better life. More

Three Things Thursday

It’s the final one of the year, and because it’s celebration time, here are three things you can use…

Happy Toilet!

Happy Toilet!

… to eliminate the post-festive waste and enjoy some Quality Time.

Toilet humour has featured here before because, let’s face it – it’s my favourite kind of humour. This time, however, it’s no laughing matter. It’s also, thankfully for viewers and readers, no fecal matter. That’s because I’ve handpicked only the cleanest receptacles, despite a life lived around some pretty bizarre effluent-collection devices.

My first inkling that the world’s waste was not all routinely swept away from under our pampered and papered butts from a shiny porcelain bowl and into the depths came as a terrible shock. On a childhood camping trip to France, which I had always considered pretty civilised, I walked into the camp-ground bathroom block to discover something that looked like a shower base but without a shower in it. Confused, I tried to find the toilets. More

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