Monochrome Madness 2-3

Cheonggeycheon stroll

Cheonggeycheon stroll

A total phrambles.

I’m wholeheartedly running with Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge as a spur to help me a) learn more about photography and get out there with my trusty camera and b) see even more of Seoul. Or at least, see bits of Seoul I may or may not already know from a more appreciative standpoint. That standpoint being behind a lens.

This was taken on my first venture out to try some street photography. I can’t do the whole gettin-up-in-people’s-faces business, so I’m trying a lot of hanging around in likely places to see what happens and who walks into my frame, a bit of highly blurred and wonky shooting from the hip, some setting up to look like I’m trying to take something interesting when I’m really waiting for something interesting to happen in front of a good backdrop, and a lot of random shutter-firing at things that look like they might come out well. More


Monochrome Madness 2-1

Korean totem markers at the National Folk Museum, Seoul

Korean totem markers at the National Folk Museum, Seoul

I’ve long been a fan of the weekly Monochrome Madness hosted by my favourite photo-blogger (or blogging photographer) Leanne Cole, and her co-curator Laura Macky. The challenge recently celebrated its first anniversary with a ‘best of’ roundup, which I would strongly recommend checking out here. More

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