Stop all the the Locks!


Love locks at Namsan

When did fences become a magnet for juvenile declarations of love? Is there a moment in recent history when a film depicted someone visiting a hardware store in search of the perfect vehicle for their declaration of undying devotion, coming across a padlock, and thinking, “At last! I’ve found the messenger I’ve been searching for! Now, where’s my damn engraving pen?”

Well apparently yes, there is. More


How to watch the Eurovision song contest

It’s the Most… Won-der-ful tiiime… of the year…

No, not Christmas. It’s Eurovision time!

Every May, as the mercury rises and the frozen north of Europe remembers that winter only lasts for eight months of the year, the sequinned frocks are dusted off, the key changes are geared up and the pyrotechnics get ready to blow.

Eurovision has a long history of derision and being side-lined as a niche interest in the UK, while several of our European neighbours have thrown themselves into this celebration of continental unity with gay abandon – in every sense.

In the last two years, with Australia being invited to join for last year’s ‘Building bridges’ theme, and with the contest being broadcast in the US for the first time this year,  Eurovision is finally taking its well-deserved space on the global sparklewonder podium.

If you’re watching, and especially if it’s your first time, here’s How To Watch the Eurovision Song Contest.


Three Things Thursday; Beasts of England

I happily managed to spend a whole six weeks in my native land to begin the year, so to follow on from last month’s Things, here are three…

…birds and beasts you will spot on your travels in the UK.

Thing 1 ~ Fowl beasts

“Ohhh, cute ducks. Let’s feed them some bread.”

Two minutes later…

“Oh look, swans! Throw the bread that way!”

One minute later…

“The geese are coming, too. Wow, what a lot of ducks.”

Thirty seconds later…

“It’s got a glint in its eye… it definitely wants more bread. Give it the bread, give it more bread, GIVE IT THE WHOLE LOAF, NOW, aaaaaAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” More

Three Things Thursday; Aged Things

For the first Three Things of the year I’m in my own back yard, for once. So I would like to present for your delection Three Historic…

…cities worth a visit in the UK.

For the first time I’m on a visit home outside of the constricts of work holidays, being currently ‘between jobs.’ This has resulted in a pleasantly extended visit and the opportunity to make a number of day trips. We’ve even fished out the passports and braved the heavily fortified borders of Wales and Scotland for extended adventures.

No, not really. We left the passports at home and snuck over like all the other illegal migrants from England in search of a better life. More

Three Things Thursday

It’s the final one of the year, and because it’s celebration time, here are three things you can use…

Happy Toilet!

Happy Toilet!

… to eliminate the post-festive waste and enjoy some Quality Time.

Toilet humour has featured here before because, let’s face it – it’s my favourite kind of humour. This time, however, it’s no laughing matter. It’s also, thankfully for viewers and readers, no fecal matter. That’s because I’ve handpicked only the cleanest receptacles, despite a life lived around some pretty bizarre effluent-collection devices.

My first inkling that the world’s waste was not all routinely swept away from under our pampered and papered butts from a shiny porcelain bowl and into the depths came as a terrible shock. On a childhood camping trip to France, which I had always considered pretty civilised, I walked into the camp-ground bathroom block to discover something that looked like a shower base but without a shower in it. Confused, I tried to find the toilets. More

Spreading the community feeling

After a busier year, some concerted blogging effort, and the resulting burgeoning in new reading material and interesting blogs to peruse, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award by Holly of Adventures with Holly. I’ve followed with interest her adventures in Korea and around east Asia for the last few months. I also regularly enjoy her Taste of Korea Tuesday posts about food; a favourite topic of mine!

Liebster award


Three Things Thursday

Its the first Thursday of the month, so it’s time for three things…

…that light up, play music, and get you wet.


Three Things Thursday

This time, three things…

…that announce the arrival of the spring!

Monochrome Madness 2-3

Cheonggeycheon stroll

Cheonggeycheon stroll

A total phrambles.

I’m wholeheartedly running with Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge as a spur to help me a) learn more about photography and get out there with my trusty camera and b) see even more of Seoul. Or at least, see bits of Seoul I may or may not already know from a more appreciative standpoint. That standpoint being behind a lens.

This was taken on my first venture out to try some street photography. I can’t do the whole gettin-up-in-people’s-faces business, so I’m trying a lot of hanging around in likely places to see what happens and who walks into my frame, a bit of highly blurred and wonky shooting from the hip, some setting up to look like I’m trying to take something interesting when I’m really waiting for something interesting to happen in front of a good backdrop, and a lot of random shutter-firing at things that look like they might come out well. More


Paragliding from the Prom

Paragliding from the Prom

I reached back into the archives for this picture for A Word In Your Ear’s latest Word A Week challenge: float.

Every weekend, paragliders line up to jump off the cliffs next to the parque del amor on the malecón in Miraflores, Lima. The placid ocean as it rolls into the bay, and the background of the cerro and Chorrillos make it a spectacular spot to spend a while people-watching and enjoying the sun.

Word A Week – Float

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