Run day Monday: Worldwide WordPress 5k (wwwp5k)

The start of the WordPress community’s Worldwide 5km community blog n’ run coincided precisely with this month’s runday Monday, so rather than a new route, I did an old route at a new time of day and hit the road early.

MSQ 6kmMap courtesy of Route 539820.

Well – early-ish. I intended to set out by 8am but eventually got out there at 9.30am. The temperature already read 31°c and humidity was at around 75%.It was pretty hot, but nowhere near as bad as the height of summer.

I chose the MQ 5km loop as it’s close to home and has a lot of shade cover from the houses and trees along the way. Now we’re really heading into autumn the night time temperature drops into the 20s, so the shady areas are still relatively cool until around midday. The temperatures here still seem pretty crazy to me, even though I’m gradually becoming acclimatised (inasmuch as anyone ever can). However, thinking of the WordPress folks who’ll be running later today in Whistler, Canada, where the forecast appears to predict a high of 10°c with intermittent rain, I’m very happy with my current location!

The route is shady and quiet to begin with, and the trees and plants around the neighbourhood harbour a number of birds. The busiest part of the route starts around the 3km mark, where the route joins next to the main Sultan Qaboos highway. However, there’s still plenty of well-tended grass and trees to keep temperatures down. The last leg is quite exposed and by this time the heat was rising. I felt my energy start to sap around the 4km mark, but ploughed on through.

The whole route is around 5.5km, but I stopped when I heard Runkeeper announce the 5km mark from my pocket. Dripping sweat, it was time to relax and walk it out, enjoying the view of the final bend and Muscat’s magnificent mountain border.

Hills of Muscat

Hills of Muscat

I haven’t run at this time of day since April, when temperatures went up to the mid 30s by 10am. It was great to be out on the road in the daytime again, and has given me just the boost I’ll need for a full day of teaching!

I will be keenly following fellow bloggers and runners throughout the week to see where and how people around the world are running. WordPress’s Automatticians are running in Whistler and raising money for charity Soles4Souls. Check out their posts here. I’m just running for the hell of it. If you’re up for the challenge, run, walk, or crawl 5km any time from today to Sunday 25th and tell the world on #wwwp5k.

Are you running for the wwwp5k? Check back on the tag throughout the week for running tales from around the world!


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