Run day Monday: Sillim-dong and Boramae park

Along the Dorimcheon to Boramae park: 5km

Sillim-dong Boromae run

Map courtesy of Route 501903.

This run is in fact not one of my favourites for the run itself, but for the after-run food. Sundae town (which I’ve described before here) is located in Sillim-dong, in the south of Seoul, and serves a feast of Korean sundae – not for the faint-hearted, but fantastic for runners who enjoy a spicy meat feast!

The run can take two routes: for a shorter run with a lot to see, run along the Dorimcheon stream as far as Boramae park, then run into and around the park. There’s a decent sports track inside the park, so if you want to get up some distance you can do laps of that. For those who like a distraction, there is always music playing throughout the park, and there’s an interesting display of military aircraft near the back of the park.

If you just want a good, long run, stay on the stream and you can run as far as you like. The furthest I’ve run along here is 10km (on a freezing, -12° February morning) as it isn’t my favourite route. There isn’t a great deal to see, and a lot of it is under a large carriageway above.

The run

Walk straight out from exit 4 of Sillim station (line 2) until you hit the stream. You’ll be by a large water feature (empty every time I saw it). Another good landmark is the bridge and clock tower which span the stream just to the left of this spot.

Run to the right. You’ll be on rubberised sports track for a short distance, which is nice. Quite soon, you’ll have to cross the stream using the stepping stones and run on the left bank for a distance. During 2015 there was a stretch under some kind of renovation or construction which involved running over a lot of planking, I don’t know if this is now back to normal.

Shortly after this section the path on the right bank resumes. If you cross back at this point (roughly 1km from the start) you should find yourself at a signpost which points the entry to Boramae park. If you run in, do a lap or so around the park and run back, you will have run approximately 5km.

If you run on, the scenery doesn’t change that much, but you do get a constant stretch and it’s flat and comfortable. Turn around whenever you feel the need to.

Sundae Town

Sundae Town

If you do have a hankering for sundae afterwards, walk back toward the station and take the right turn just before you get back to exit 4. Yummy.

Is there anywhere you run for the food, rather than the running? What other attractions influence your route planning?


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  1. Angie
    Mar 15, 2016 @ 10:32:42

    I wish I could run a route that took me to some good food. I just try to pick routes that avoid large predators and mean dogs that chase me and my dog. Life in the remote north…

    Liked by 1 person


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