Mission: possible

Happy New Year

It’s the lunar New Year and Year of the Monkey. It’s a year since I started blog number 2, a simpler number which is basically for my burgeoning photography habit. It’s almost a year since I reestablished my commitment to writing on this blog (admittedly the last couple of months have been patchy). Now, I’ve decided to go for broke and introduce an item a week. Part of the reason for this is I’ve been through a number of changes of scenery in the past five months and I have a lot of material which I hope will be useful to the online multiverse. Another part is that I think I’ve finally discovered my blogging niche, and it’s been hiding under my nose the whole time.

Living, working, travelling. It’s been in the  tagline since the word go. Early posts were a mishmash of all three, later posts have been more about either living or travelling with precious little about working.

General advice for bloggers is to write about your passion / hobby / area of expertise / niche interest. Find your one ‘thing’ and blog it. There are people who write about travelling much better than I do, and have the top-of-the-line photos to go with it. There are people who write about my job (teaching English as a foreign language or TEFL) much, much better than I do, and complement their work with great links and classroom resources to share. There are people who write about living better than I do, mostly because they’ve chosen to write about extraordinary lifestyle choices, or living in unusual places, or with unusual challenges.

What fewer bloggers I’ve come across are doing is combining the three, despite the fact that a number of the TEFL bloggers I read are definitely also fellow permaglobetrotters, and some of the travel bloggers I read are also supplementing their travels by teaching English. The dearth of information that fits this niche has hovered in the back of my subconscious since I wrote about my transient, fish-nor-fowl status last May (see Oh, the places we’ll go). I realised there wasn’t really an online community with similar experiences to mine.

This became more apparent when I started researching for my upcoming move to a new, longer term base in Oman. I’ve found interesting Omani bloggers and some expat bloggers, but little from the transient TEFLer community. All that useful info from where to go for fruit n veg to how to use the

With this in mind, I’ll be writing a new ‘How to…’ guide once a month, at least! I hope to include useful information I’ve garnered through five years (and counting) of moving to new countries to be part of the migrant community; teaching English – from zero experience upwards and still constantly learning; and travelling around exotic corners of the world with my trusty backpack whenever I get the chance. The first one will be up tomorrow and is a how to… settle in fast to a new country and community.

It’s anybody’s guess whether this new resolve will last out another twelve months, but I’m feeling productive and hopeful! I hope there’s something useful and / or interesting for each of you who’ve followed the Parrot’s flutterings so far.


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