Run day Monday: Sumida river

Asakusa toward Odaiba along the Sumida: 12.5 km

Sumida River

Sumida River route

Map courtesy of Route 477543.

The dogs and the studying have halved my average weekly running mileage and put paid to my Angkor dream. I’ve had little opportunity to explore beyond the regular river route I shared last month, so I’ve reached back one month further to share another great riverside run; the Sumida river route in Tokyo.

There is a great running community in Tokyo, with the Hash House Harriers very active (I was advised the Friday group are more into the running than the drinking) and the very welcoming international group, Namban Rengo. There are also a number of routes mapped out by users of the website One glorious September morning, the last of my stay, I decided to run the river down towards Odaiba to do some of my own run-sploring.

This is a very simple route if you follow the west bank of the river. A couple of times, at points where tributaries joined the river, it was necessary to take a short detour up on to the roads nearby for a couple of hundred metres, but navigating back to the riverside path was no problem.

Silver Week celebrations

Silver Week celebrations

The east bank was trickier when I was there, with a lot of development meaning I had to spend more time on the roads, but further up towards the Ryogoku the riverside path goes on uninterrupted. Fortunately, it was a Sunday and the roads were quiet. I also got to see some of the festivities for Silver Week and Respect for the Elderly day.

Being  by the river, this route is flat and easy all the way and suitable for any level of runner. It’s also well maintained and definitely well used at all hours by the Tokyo running community.


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