It’s Life, Jim, but not as we know it

Recent conversations:

Me (M): “Ummm, there’s this job going in Burma that looks quite interesting. Lots of training, and it’s in that bizarre new city that they’ve built as the capital but no one lives there yet. Whaddya reckon?”

Wonderboy (W): “Hmm, could be good. Let’s keep an eye on it. What about this university job in Ho Chi Minh City? We liked Vietnam when we visited. All that fresh fruit and veg.”

M: Yeah, that’s definitely one to keep in mind. There’s a half decent job going in Hanoi, too.

W: I don’t think we’d like the weather in Hanoi.

M: There’s a brilliant job going in Cali, starts January. It’s perfect for us and I’ve always wanted to go back to Colombia!

W: No, even with the Delta, it’ll be a bit too soon to go back to South America. Let’s keep looking in Asia.

M: Yes, and I can keep my fingers crossed for the Pyongyang job to come up again.

W: You and Pyongyang. I just don’t get it.

M: Anyway, let’s see what’s going…

M&W: … after the Delta!

Yes. These are extracts from what constitute real conversations in my household. Five years after I jetted out from Heathrow to Mexico with a vague intention of travelling, doing a bit of light teaching here and there if I wanted to stay somewhere a while, and doing my best to make it twelve good months out of the country in the wake of the election that got my job abolished, teaching has become my career and travelling is the name of the game.

September 25th has rolled around again and prompted me to take stock this time not only of the past year, but of the five years since I left home and set my sails for the horizon. I’ve waxed lyrical on previous anniversaries about the exciting new experiences each unusual year has presented. The frenetic first year of travel and romance, the slightly more settled year in Peru, then once more the cross-continental shift to Korea, and last year a lengthy reflection on the slower changes that had taken place as my nomadic lifestyle has become more established. Today, I’m just presenting a pictoral guide to the last five years of travel and change as I sort through the memories.

This year is another year of change. I’ve just touched down in Thailand in order to study for the Delta, my next teaching qualification. I’m hoping to regain my love for teaching English which, once again after a couple of years of the daily grind has been thoroughly ground out of me by the need to chase figures and get paying bums on cheap seats. Not my need to do those things, I should add, but my employer’s.

As of December I’ll be looking for the next job, and indeed the next country to call home for a while. While I’m hoping I’ll have something lined up and be able to take a nice end-of-course / crimbo break, it’s possible that I won’t be settling in anywhere new within the next six months. And that’s just fine. My life’s in a backpack. My home is from Airbnb. The world is my oyster.

Year One: love affair with Mexico

and travels through Guatemala, Ecuador, and ruins galore.

Year Two: Peru

and a trip home to Blighty in summer 2012.

Year Three: adios, Peru!

Staycations venture north and south, but in the end, it’s time to say goodbye.

Year Four: annyeonghaseyo, Seoul!

and Shanghai, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan!

Year Five: K-love and moving on

Six of the best: Seoul, Korea, and this year’s other adventures thus far… Laos and Tokyo.


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  1. FFF of you
    Oct 13, 2015 @ 21:29:05

    Haha…Delta first~ ^^



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