Three Things…

This week, three views of iconic landmark, N Seoul tower.

N Seoul tower - from Bukchon hanok village

N Seoul tower – from Bukchon hanok village

Like the eyes in a painting that follow you through the room, the needle-like tower at the top of Namsan mountain follows me around much of Seoul. That probably says more about the limits of my movements within the city than the real visibility of the tower, but within a several mile radius the tower provides a notable focal point for navigation.

Above is the view from Bukchon, north of Namsan. Bukchon is a small area of traditional hanok houses on narrow, hilly streets. It’s a pleasant area to walk around and I was disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to pop in to the knot museum, but I did have the opportunity to learn some knot making and make a nice bracelet. I’m also aware that there’s a book of nearly 100 decorative knots, just waiting at the wonderful Kyobu bookstore for the next time I feel the weight of excess won in my pocket and have a spare hour to spend looking at books.

We did take a hike up the mountain over the Christmas break and this next photo was taken from the top.

N Seoul tower from beneath

N Seoul tower from beneath

We went up the 236 metre tower to the 360 degree observation deck and looked out over the sprawling metropolis we currently call home. It’s pretty huge. And, despite the endless rows of tower blocks, hugely pretty, with rocky mountains popping up at all sorts of odd places in and around the city, and the Han river snaking through the centre of it all.

The final view of N Seoul tower is from Noksapyong, just south of Namsan, with the tower at night in all its lit-up glory. Or as much as I could capture on spec without my camera.

N Seoul tower by night

N Seoul tower by night

OK, already! I promise I’ll do better next time.


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  1. Steph
    Feb 28, 2014 @ 05:58:28

    Took me a while to catch up! 😀 Loving all the pictures (yes, even that last one!) Cheers to you both!!!



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