Three Things Thursday

This week, three things……








…. you can see around Seoul.

Seoul is a fantastic city for random acts of senseless sculpture. Or not so senseless. Every building seems to have a sculpture or statue or random piece of artwork outside it, and every street corner too. In the lobby of the building where I work there is a fabulous installation of thousands of tiny tiles, each beautifully decorated, some with ferris wheels attached, or cuckoo clocks, or a hundred and one other tiny moveable pieces. The installation is accompanied by a soundscape that fills the lobby with bird calls, bells, the sound of running water or low chattering, and there are huge mobiles hanging in the centre of the space to top it all off.


The pictures above show the large golden statue of Sejong the Great – the king who created the Korean alphabet (Hangeul) in the 1400s. The next is one of the multitude of random sculptures outside a building near my apartment, and the third is a random chunk of the Berlin wall. Yes. The Berlin wall. The wall formerly in Berlin. Featured here with a bear. A bear with what appears to be the Brandenberg Gate on it. This puzzled me greatly until I read a little about it: post-war Germany and post-ceasefire Korea are two nations divided, with the divide running through families, idealogies and generations, and a mortal risk to anyone trying to cross from one side to the other. It’s a sobering thought. So far I feel like I might feel living in any city in the world, but there’s a lot going on on my doorstep that I still have to explore.


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  1. Steph Johnson
    Dec 31, 2013 @ 05:17:45

    I know you probably have no time for reading, but may I suggest a book? – “Las Orquideas Rojas de Shanghai” (or “Les Orchidées Rouges de Shanghai”) by Juliette Morillot



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