Three Things Thursday

This week, three things on my plate.

Three foods

Three foods

Thing 1 is… daikon radish. This enormous beast of a vegetable contains enough fibre to keep an egg-bound protein-freak regular around the clock. The greener end has the recognisable signature spicy radish taste, while the bulbous white end makes for great sticks for snacking. A dollop of the ubiquitous Korean condiment – spicy pepper paste – and there’s a tasty plateful of goodness. Alternatively, grate and add into a pile of grated spuds and onions and you have the perfect hash-brown.

Thing 2 is this unusual mushroom thing. Looking eerily like something reaching from another dimension in Dr Who, it tastes delicious when all the little tuberous bits are jumbled up in a stir-fry.

Thing 3 is not a new sight, I don’t think, but a new taste experience for me, personally: a persimmon. This delicious fruit tastes like what a packet of wine gums teaches you to expect from fruit, only to leave you perpetually disappointed. The only other fruit I’ve ever come across to rival it in gummy-sweet-tasting loveliness is a New Zealand kiwi gold. I got a packet from the discount trolley in Homeplus (Tesco under a different name – oh the heaven of being able to get real tea outside of England), overlooking a Vietnamese dragonfruit on the grounds that there were six persimmons (is that how one pluralises a persimmon?) in a pack, but only one dragonfruit. Next time, oh scaly hot pink comestible temptation. Next time…


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  1. deliciousdaydreams
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 22:01:18

    I’ve never tried persimmon. I’ve also never tried wine gums…although I saw them in a local international market. I’d try both for sure!



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