30km Challenge – 25.4km

Like Clint Eastwood struggling through the desert; like Nick Berry’s music career after Eastenders, I’ve nearly made it. I’ve now officially run further than in any individual week before, or at least in recent memory, and boy, do I know it. I dragged my arse out around the full route straight from bed this morning and found it somewhat heavy going, so a mediocre time of 5km in 29:51 and the full route in 31:29 was no surprise. Reassuringly, this is still better than Tuesday’s run when I had stomach cramps for the first twenty minutes, and it would still mean 10k in under an hour, which is my gauge of a reasonable running pace.  It does not bode well for a full-pelt run tomorrow that might equal or supercede Sunday’s frolicks.

I am also continuing to struggle to down three whole litres or only lightly adulterated water a day. This wasn’t helped much by me swanning off in a hurry without the water-hammock this morning. It has led to a lot of late-evening chugging, but I am already seeing the benefits of increased water consumption – or at least I can say I feel pretty good, and I think it’s due to the water.

On the up side, today I met friends both for lunch and for dinner so the diet was suspended and it was carbs a-go-go with a mixed platter of ceviche / chicharron de pescado (fish chicharron) / arroz con mariscos (seafood and rice) for lunch, and quesadillas con carne (needs no translation) for dinner. Oh – and delicious Belgian chocolate brownies which Wonderboy’s students had given him as a leaving gift for dessert. Mmmm. Hopefully this unusual midweek burst of carbs and sugar will work wonders overnight and tomorrow I will sprint around Miraflores in Roger Bannister style. I’ll let you know.


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