30km Challenge – 20km

Two days to go and things are still on track. Nobody is more surprised than me! On a shorter route today the wear and tear has really begun to show. I ran just over 4km, unfortunately through evening traffic as the daytime hours were pleasantly spent at the MALI, a great museum I hadn’t yet visited, and gift shopping for the trip home next week.

The figures are: 4.32km at 24 minutes 21 seconds, which equals a pace of 5:38 minutes per kilometre. Much better than yesterday’s cramp-ridden limp, but not great. Even after my super stretch routine when I got home, I could still feel the tiredness in my legs, lower back and, bizarrely, shoulders. As a result the evening meal was supercharged with beans and vegetables, breakfast is three eggs rather than the usual two, and that forkless cheese lollipop made another appearance. The watery bit of the challenge worked out much better today as I took my handy 2.5 litre bottle out in its stylish Peruvian handicraft artesenal bottle-hammock as I went about my day. That’s probably helping a lot.

Tomorrow it’s a first-thing-in-the-morning 5km with the heat off again before Friday’s big push for a good time – take that as you will. We are now into the final countdown for packing up and removing our lives from the Western hemisphere: This time next week I’ll be on a plane bound for home (actually I’ll be on a plane bound for Madrid, but home is the eventual destination) and what better way to arrive home than with teeth that have finally been seen by a dentist for the first time in several years? Fortunately the dentist is also a friend, so I have nothing to fear… Anyway, best get the running done before that!

More tomorrow, folks…


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