30km Challenge – 15.9km

Day three and things are still on course with the running. I’ve now run pretty much my weekly average and I still have four days to go, hurrah! I’m keeping up with a daily blog, too, although today’s post is little more than a check-in.

I’m struggling with the water drinking part of the challenge. This is not to say that I’m dehydrated, but for the sake of the challenge I set out to drink three litres of pure water (or water with a bit of lime squeezed in it or whatever) on top of any other liquid consumption. However, I wake myself up every morning with a jug of coffee, have a tendency to drink at least one pot of tea during the day, and sometimes a soda or a coffee out and about. Add in a load of fruit for lunch and a plate full of vegetables at dinner and I’m probably getting around three litres of water in cucumbers alone. But three pure litres I set, and three pure litres I’ll chug back if I’m up til midnight to do it!

The running itself is going swimmingly, if you’ll pardon the pun. The weather is definitely on my side and the sudden outbreak of sunshine has meant I’ve met the call to the streets every day with a song in my heart and a spring in my step – possibly provided by my Brookes running shoes, but I like to think it’s my own joie de vivre. Today was supposed to be putting on a little speed again after yesterday’s slow jog, but I ran too soon after lunch and was fighting stomach cramps from about 3/4 km in until I shook them at the 3km mark, so the timing was much slower at 31:50. It is still a respectable time for me though, and averages out at a hair over a 6 minute kilometre, or 10kph. The change in routine is telling in my legs, which felt tired later in the run. My response: a good stretch when I got home and half a block of cheese with dinner.*

Tomorrow is the short route so I might push it a bit, spend the extra time (that I’m not out running the extra k) on stretching, and take Thursday slow in preparation for a big final spurt on Friday to finish the week.

*Actually, a small amount of cheese with dinner, and half a block of cheese which I opened and ate as soon as I got out of the supermarket – really good cheese is an expensive treat here so when I splash out on it I take the Caitlin Moran approach to it, minus the fork.

The Wet stuff

another three days’ worth…


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