We’ve come a long way, baby

On my way to bed – tired, stressed – I suddenly realised: it’s two years to the day since I departed Heathrow for Mexico D.F. A sunny Saturday, a backpack on my back, a dream in my heart and a plane ticket in my hand. And a redundancy cheque in the bank – that helped considerably – cheers Eric Pickles!

Last year I wrote a lengthy blog considering all the places I’d seen and things I’d experienced. There was a lot to say. This year things have been more tranquil. I’ve been in the same place (Peru) with little travelling. A border hop to Arica in north Chile, and a wonderful fortnight at home in July have been the longest journeys, while a few days sandboarding in Huacachina for New Year and a couple of days white-water rafting and enjoying the mountain sun in Lunahuana in the May holiday have broken up the year nicely.

I’ve found a home, a new job, friends, a theatre group, favourite haunts and places of interest. I’ve built up my clothing collection again, and my kitchenware collection! I’ve started jogging regularly again and got various routes depending on how far I fancy running. Thanks Peru, I’ve kicked my shoes off, slipped into something more comfortable and made myself at home.

This year has been a year of internal changes more than anything. Last year I’d just cancelled my return ticket and got used to the idea that my original, pie-in-the-sky dream of living abroad for a few years might be possible. This year I’m making plans for the next destination – a couple of years somewhere in Asia. Last year I spent twelve months between eleven countries, squeezing in my CELTA and two jobs in that time. This year I’ve spent eleven months in one flat, although I still managed a job change mid-year. Last year was all about the Main Attraction: Palenque, Tikal, Copán, the Amazonas. This year I’ve been seeking out local sights and experiences: the huaca Pucllana, Pachacámac, Mistura, the Lomas de Lucumo.

The next few months promise more excitement and a lot of change. It’s finally time to take the plunge and head off to Machu Picchu in the October break. I’m going to try and squeeze in a visit to Arequipa and some hiking around the Colca Canyon on my way to Cuzco. Then, in December, as soon as school finishes it’s off on my fantasy northern adventure: Kuelap, Gocta and the boat to Iquitos, followed by a trip home which I’m already looking forward to in January (where I’m hoping to round up the troops for another birthday outing). And from there… well, who knows? It’s ears to the ground and eyes on the prize as far as jobs for next year go. But one thing I have learned from all of my adventures so far is Something Will Turn Up.

The intrepid explorer enjoying a break in Salford.


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  1. April
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 16:15:21

    Crazy how time flies, no? I’m coming up on my 2 year anniversary soon too! Woohoo!



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